Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Happy February

Happy Valentines Day from Sir Yorkie Charles

Happy early Valentines Day from Yorkie Charles.

Monday, January 29, 2018

I treat, you treat, we all bark for dog treats!

Dog Treats

yorkie charles the dog licking his lips after treats

What are your favorite treats? Something sweet or savory? I like beef and little nibbley treats. My humans typically order stuff for me off of Chewy or Amazon. Sometimes they let me pick something out at PetSmart. I'm on a pretty picky diet though, not because I'm overweight but Mom and the vet are concerned about my tummy.

A little flash back... to Thanksgiving and the Magical log

Boarding with Sue at MyTDog

Charlie on a log practicing dog skills called place

I spent Thanksgiving with my trainer, Sue. Her company is called MyTDog (mighty dog). We had fun practicing my skills. One of them is called my "place". It snowed during the holiday. I love snow. So Sue took me outside to play and my place magically transformed from a cot to a log! She had me model my place for some photos to send to my humans.

Talkative Charles

Hello again, my new friends, welcome back to my blog. I am a Yorkie named Charlie. This blog is my diary and my mom helps me transcribe what's happening in my little part of the world.

sir yorkie charlie in the leaves

I'm feeling pretty talkative today. Sometimes I like to bark loudly. Other times I just grumble in my sleep. I tend to like a high pitched but extremely quiet whimper, it's my favorite and feels very soooooooothing to the soul. My mom is not a fan of this. My trainer, Sue, says it's pretty hard to hear, barely noticeable but Mom hears everything. She's a good listener. Sometimes when she asks me to be quiet, I oblige by doing the quiet whimper. I'm not quite sure why she asks twice, but she does.

Hello! I'm Charlie.

Hello friends! My name is Charles. My pet parents call me Sir Yorkie Charles, Charlie, and sometimes NO. My mom helped me start this blog (had to have her help because my paws aren't very good for typing). I hope you enjoy the posts.

This blog is basically a diary of sorts. I love walks, playing games, sleeping on my cot, and learning new tricks. So every post will be about one of those things. If you like my photos and videos, please share the blog with your friends. I would love to see photos of your pet too. Happy day new friend! Again thanks for visiting my blog.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I love walks!

We went for a walk today!

walking the dog sir yorkie charles

It is so nice outside. Which is weird in the midwest during January. Odd I know that as a dog, right? Anyway it was sunny and windy and great. Checkout these fun pictures mom took!

I got a haircut yesterday!!!

Bestest Dog Haircut Ever

yorkie charles haircut at Petsakes grooming

I am pretty used to getting doggy haircuts from mom, and she does her best but she spoiled me yesterday. I got a haircut from a professional doggy stylist at Petsakes grooming in Des Moines off Euclid. It was great!

The groomers at Petsakes are nice. I'm usually a little scared of loud noises but they spoiled me. The nice lady picked me up and we smiled at each other. We are buddies now. In the end, I smelled good and mom was so excited that I look pretty dapper.