Monday, January 29, 2018

Talkative Charles

Hello again, my new friends, welcome back to my blog. I am a Yorkie named Charlie. This blog is my diary and my mom helps me transcribe what's happening in my little part of the world.

sir yorkie charlie in the leaves

I'm feeling pretty talkative today. Sometimes I like to bark loudly. Other times I just grumble in my sleep. I tend to like a high pitched but extremely quiet whimper, it's my favorite and feels very soooooooothing to the soul. My mom is not a fan of this. My trainer, Sue, says it's pretty hard to hear, barely noticeable but Mom hears everything. She's a good listener. Sometimes when she asks me to be quiet, I oblige by doing the quiet whimper. I'm not quite sure why she asks twice, but she does.

Anyway, Sue told my Mom that a good way to work on this is to keep me distracted and make my brain work. WOAH! I'm a thinker, so this can be hard. I mean, I like my own thoughts.. about squirrels, and squeaky dragons, and such. My favorite toy is a super squeaky dragon. Anyway, so, my mom got this thing called my "place" where I sleep and hang out. It's great for calming down, meditating, and looking out my favorite window. Mom's super thoughtful like that and put my place (a cot -- mom's note) near a big window where I can watch cars go by.

Another way Mom and Dad keep my brain working is to practice with me. We practice walking next to each other, sitting, high-fives, all kinds of fun stuff. Then, sometimes, they make me sit while they fluff up the blankets in my place. This one is super hard for me because I really don't like people messing with my stuff, but I'm always pretty happy to have my blanket fluffed (after it's all over -- mom's note).

Well, today was bright out. Very bright. So Mom took me on a short walk, she promised a long one later. We practiced our skills (Sue gave me homework too -- Mom). I can't wait, maybe we'll get a few pictures later.

Thanks for reading my blog. How do you and your human best friends meditate and practice skills together? What's your favorite trick?

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